We are very lucky to have the support of pioneers who are supporting the Gellideg community to make our vision a reality. The group, listed below, is made up of experts in open networks, engagement and community asset development and ownership.

Marc De’ath
Co-founder of the Creative Coop, Marc will support Nicholas Giles in his digital inclusion work, to engage the local community in a programme of digital skills development and help build a team of residents who are capable of scaling and maintaining the network to secure its future sustainability.

Annemarie Naylor
Director of Common Futures, supporting organisations to deliver social impact through the development of digital assets and enterprise. A leading expert in community asset acquisition, development and management, Annemarie will undertake research, contributing to our concept development and business modelling.

Efrain Foglia
Working on the design and implementation of open network in Gellideg, Efrain will work with The Creative Coop to develop interactions between the international tech community and local residents to seek collective benefit for the town. Foglia is founder of Mobilitylab and member of guifi.net

Victor Oncins
A founder of Routek who are working to support communities, organisations and authorities alike to install open networks. Victor is part of a group responsible for the creation of QMP (Quick Mesh Project), the pioneering firmware of choice used throughout the open network movement and in Gellideg.

Roger Pueyo
A telecommunication engineer, active member of the Guifi.net community, volunteer on the Deployment of Mesh Wireless Networks in Rural Environments project in Uruguay. Roger recently joined Routek to support the roll out of open networks, including our project in Gellideg.