Here is an interview with Nicholas Giles, project lead for Digital Merthyr, after a week of learning in Barcelona with the Open Network Academy.

The Open Network Academy is an educational programme focused on teaching you everything there is to know about Open Telecommunications Networks including how they can be built, owned and managed by citizens themselves.

The academy provides both the theory and practice required to build and maintain an Open Network in your community

By joining the academy you can:

1. - Understand the concept that underpins the Open Network movement.

2. - Explore, touch and play with the latest technology used for building Open Networks

3. - Learn about the social dynamics often found in community built, owned and managed Open Network projects across the world.

4. - Gain the knowledge needed to maintain your own Open Network

5. - Understand the scalable methodologies for telecommunication infrastructure.

6. - Be inspired by the communication possibilities and services that can be delivered through an Open Network.

If you are interested to find out more about the Open Academy and developing a community network where you live in the UK. Contact Common Futures and the Creative Coop at [email protected]