And so it begins…

Today we were very excited to welcome project partners from Creative Coop and Mobilitylab to talk to some of our residents who have volunteered to help us develop a prototype local network for Gellideg.

The photo above shows the first four Digital Champions (Volunteers) who will receive training to help install, scale and maintain the network over the coming months. From left to right: Nicholas (me), Ricky, Tom, Ian, Efrain and Marc.

Efrain (Mobilitylab) is also a co-founder of the Guifi Foundation and Marc (Creative Coop) is currently leading a programme called Our Digital Community with Common Futures, to support groups like us to use Digital Technology in enterprising ways.

Today, they ran a workshop (pictured above) to explain the history of open networks and how other communities are using these systems to provide an peer-to-peer connections and to essential services. It was also really exciting to hear how local area networks can be used to stimulate new innovations, improve a neighbourhood and teach residents digital skills.