Installing our first wireless node

After two days of training workshops we finally got our hands on some equipment and started to install the network with Victor and Roger from Routek. (The image above shows Victor left and myself, Nicholas right).

The first node (wireless ariel) to be attached will beam the Merthyr Valley Homes (MVH) Internet connection into the Gellideg Estate via a 5ghz wireless signal using a device called a Nano Bridge M5 (pictured above).

MVH do not have direct ‘line of sight’ to the estate from their offices in Martin Evans House, so we had to create a route via another building called Sunny Bank (a block of flats) which we will install another node on tomorrow.

Line of sight means both wireless devices which are to be connected need clear sight of each other with no obstructions. In this case we have some trees and heavy foliage in the way which the wireless signal cannot penetrate.

From Sunny Bank we will beam directly down to the Gellideg Foundation and we hope to have this connected by the end of the week. After this we begin the process of connecting resident houses. Start with six before Christmas followed by a total of 42 homes to complete the prototype installation in January.

I will of course be sharing progress step-by-step as we go.