Inspiration - what can digital innovation look like in Gellideg?


On Monday we took Digital Champion Ian Wright to meet Darren Taylor (pictured above), a social entrepreneur who runs and enterprise called Eco Communities.

Darren is a true inspiration and this visit proved to be no exception. Eco Communities started life as a PC refurbishment company that distributes their profits to support community projects. Income now allows Darren and his team to run 5 libraries and all manner of schemes across South London which you can read about their on their website..

The reason for our visit was to see how we might work with Darren to replicate his success in Merthyr Tydfil. Collecting unwanted PC’s from local organisations and refurbishing them to provide an affordable hardware solution for our residents who want to connect to the network.

Coupled with IT training that is currently being offered by the Gellideg Foundation, starting our own version in Eco Communities would mean we can offer holistic package of digital support for residents covering the essential elements of connectivity, hardware and software.


For the duration of our prototype Ian (pictured above) hopes to create a pop-up PC refurbishment unit to provide any of the participants with hardware. We’ll also be hosting ongoing conversations with Darren and his team how Ian and myself and can make this venture a permanent feature in the town.

Watch this space!