A step closer to a genuine self build community managed network


After a quiet couple of weeks since our Spanish friends have left for home the team have been busy again connecting more residents and also undertaking the required training for the project to continue.


Photo: Tom and Ian attending their working at heights training.

Using a number of Resident nodes we have been able to add a further 7 houses to the network ourselves since the departure of the Routek team. Using a combination of the technical skills that the Routek team passed on and the training provided by Merthyr Valleys Homes to ensure the safety of the Digital Merthyr Team we are now ready to move forward.


Photo: Tom and Ian work together to test the connection of a Resident node.

We completed several successful installations last week and we have a further three installations planned for this week. After the completion of the final target houses this week we will then be working with the local church and school to connect them to the network.

As well as getting connected the school and church will be taking further interest in the network as there are plans to install a Minecraft server in the church building where the local youth club will be able to take advantage of the newly installed gaming services.

We are also looking to run some networking classes with the school where with the use of radio we hope to be able pass on the theory behind network frequency by using practical techniques.

Now with a group of Digital champions that are prepared to tackle any problems that may be thrown our way we can look to move forward towards an exciting time for the project.

imagePhoto: Tom crimping his first ethernet cables